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What does the process of signing up for Velocity Voice service entail?2019-01-27T07:53:19+00:00

Making the switch is quick, painless, and handled entirely by our engineers! During the initial phone consultation, we’ll ask a few questions to better understand your business requirements and long-term goals so that we can ensure that your system is set up to meet your business needs.

Then, we’ll schedule a convenient installation date with you in which one of our engineers come on site to your offices personally to set up and your new phones that have been pre-configured with your new Velocity Voice service. During the install, the engineer will also be at your disposal to answer any questions that you or your staff may have and show you how to perform various functions on your new phones. The onsite engineer will also provide you with quick start guides for your system & documentation on the proper procedure of how you and your employees can request technical support from our helpdesk for your new phone system.

Finally, we will send you over a document that you will need to sign and send back to us that will allow us to submit a request to your current carrier to initiate the number port of your existing phone number(s) over to your new Velocity Voice service. During your installation appointment, we will issue you a temporary phone number that we will then forward your current phone number(s) to, so that all of your incoming calls are routed to your newly provisioned phone system while the number porting process takes place in the background. Number porting takes anywhere from 5 to 7 days on average. During this time, you will not experience any interruptions in service and will be able to use your new phone system without worry. Once your number port is complete, we will send you a confirmation email and at that point, you may cancel service with your previous provider.

Can I keep my current phone number(s)?2019-01-27T07:51:00+00:00

Absolutely! We pride ourselves in making the switch easy by providing you with free number porting when you sign up for service!

Why should I switch to Velocity Voice?2019-01-27T07:50:24+00:00

Why shouldn’t you switch? That is the real question. By making the switch to Velocity Voice, we guarantee that we can save you money on your current phone bill. Everyone loves to save money right?Along with the cost savings associated by switching, our phone systems are full of enterprise grade features that you simply can’t get with just regular analog phone service from the telephone company such as customizable auto attendant menus, music on hold, ring/hunt groups, follow me to mobile, call center queues, call recording, voicemail to email, and much more!To top that all off, you get a completely full featured enterprise grade phone system at a fraction of what you are paying the phone company now, that is managed completely by our engineers so that you can focus on what matters, running your business!

How many lines come with your plans?2019-01-27T07:49:43+00:00

All of our plans include unlimited lines. With VoIP technology, there are no limits to how many lines your system can handle – your system can handle as many calls as your staff can handle. Your callers will never hear a busy signal and all of your phones can share the same company outbound caller ID.

Can I use a cordless phone?2019-01-27T07:49:12+00:00

You sure can. We offer VoIP compatible cordless phones to replace your traditional cordless phone. If you prefer to use your existing cordless handset, we can even provide you with an adapter that will allow you to use your cordless analog telephone on our VoIP service platform.

Can you service call center environments?2019-01-27T07:48:42+00:00

Absolutely! We offer an incredibly robust solution for call centers that includes customizable call center queues, agent ids for signing in and out of queues, call recording & coaching features, advanced call queue metrics & reporting for managers and supervisors, web operator panel & switchboard, wallboard modules, and more. Our service is also compatible with leading softphone platforms such as Bria, ZoiPer, and others.

Can I work from home?2019-01-27T07:48:09+00:00

You sure can! With Velocity Voice, you can route calls to your cellphone with ease allowing you to work from home, or on the go. If you work out of a home office, you can place one of our phones on your desk allowing you to place & receive phone calls from your business phone number from the comfort of your own home.

What is VoIP (Voice over IP)?2019-01-27T07:41:07+00:00

VoIP stands for Voice Over IP and is a technology that uses your existing internet connection to deliver voice communications over the internet, as opposed to your standard analog telephone line. VoIP is a technology that for the longest time was out of reach to the small business market due to it being cost prohibitive. Over the last few years, with new emerging technology and software, VoIP has evolved significantly and is now available to practically everyone! Millions of businesses have already made the switch to VoIP due to the significant cost savings associated by switching and numerous enterprise features that are not available with a traditional analog telephone system.

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